Of Course John Mayer Cast A Katy Perry Look-Alike In His ‘Still Feel Like Your Man’ Video

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04.05.17 5 Comments

How many times is this going to happen before dudes realize it’s not cool? Casting a lookalike of your famous ex-partner in a music video is too ubiquitous to not be discussed. Pining after someone who has a career in the public eye of their own so openly is more than a little gross. Have we learned nothing from Paula? Apparently, John Mayer hasn’t, as he cast a Katy Perry lookalike in the video for his new single “Still Feel Like Your Man.”

It wasn’t cool when Justin Timberlake did it and that song was flames. We don’t know why Mayer thought it would be okay on this Lite FM track. However, we do have to give him credit. The dojo panda dancing that he said they were careful to keep from being offensive in his New York Times interview did actually turn out to be more goofy than problematic. Good on him.

The video dropped on the perfect day, as Perry sent out this throwback thirst trap to her Instagram followers this morning in an attempt to give herself a boost. (That’s not disparaging or reading into it, she literally Googled “Katy Perry Hot” and posted one of the results because her previous posts made her feel “insecure.”) We doubt she saw the Mayer video before it dropped, but if Mayer is still pining after Perry enough to write songs about it, these sort of photos probably aren’t helping.

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