John Mulaney Shares Some Hilarious Thoughts About The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame Inductees

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Famous people: they’re just like us. For instance, John Mulaney is a big music fan, something he’s touched on publicly in the past. Just a few days ago, he told Jimmy Fallon a story about the time he took Pete Davidson to a Steely Dan concert. Earlier this year, he also chatted with Seth Meyers about the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame induction ceremony, which he called “the only truly fun awards show.” Now the list of 2019 inductees has been revealed, and the comedian shared his thoughts about it in a new interview with Rolling Stone, and they’re pretty funny.

He says of Def Leppard, “‘Pour Some Sugar On Me’ is upsetting to me. It seems like if they came over, they would treat your house poorly. If my wife had made a noodle kugel for Hanukkah, [guitarist] Phil Collen comes in and pours sugar all over it and I’d be like, ‘How dare you disrespect my wife.’

Mulaney also discussed the goth phase he tried to make happen for himself in light of his love for The Cure: “I tried to. I would buy bracelets at Urban Outfitters. I was slowly trying to, but I wouldn’t have worn it home. My brother and sister would’ve made fun of me so I never really went whole hog. But inside, I was very much The Cure.”

He also staunchly defended Radiohead’s induction, saying,

“I love Radiohead. I saw them in concert twice and I love them. Why is this a polarizing choice? Because they make beautiful music? People say they’re just an instrumental band that has a singer. Well, yeah, that’s what a band is. OK Computer alone uses computer voices and plays with the idea of technology and it smacks you upside the head and says, ‘Get your head out of your computer and tell your computer to get lost!’ Put them in. If they didn’t get in, I would’ve showed up with muddy cowboy boots and stood on Jann Wenner’s coffee table.”

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