John Singleton Defends R. Kelly, Saying He Doesn’t Deserve The ‘Cosby Treatment’

John Singleton apparently doesn’t think that R. Kelly is doing anything wrong. When asked by reporters from TMZ, the Snowfall director rejected claims that the accusations against R. Kelly mean that the Chicago R&B star is a predator, saying, “He has a lot of girlfriends. A lot of people have a lot of girlfriends. The women that he’s with are adult women who made the decision to be with him. I don’t see what the controversy is about.”

So, maybe he’s just been busy telling the much-needed story of how the crack epidemic began in the 1980s, and he’s just missed out on all the reports that paint an honestly pretty scary picture of R. Kelly’s current living situation. Despite what Cook County police may have concluded, the parents of the young women are very concerned about their well-being, stating that they’ve been kept from contact with their families. Besides that, the stories that can be confirmed or corroborated depict some very unusual behaviors on the part of the much-older Kelly toward his so-called “girlfriends.” Then there’s the verifiable fact that he’s indulged in highly questionable behavior since the ’90s, marrying a then-17 years old Aaliyah, cruising Chicago high schools for new playmates, and yes, being indicted on child pornography charges.

It’s a shame, though. More artists with large platforms could use them to put more pressure on the authorities and Kelly’s business partners to stop enabling his predatory behavior — and yes, it is very predatory — and get that man the counseling he needs.