Johnny Depp Joined Aerosmith On Stage To See Who Could Wear The Most Scarves

Senior Pop Culture Editor
07.18.14 3 Comments
depp aerosmith


When Johnny Depp jammed to “Train Kept a-Rollin” with Aerosmith at the Xfinity Center in Mansfield, Massachusetts, on Wednesday night, it was like a battle of who could look least like a human. From left to right, you have the leathery corpse formerly known as Joe Perry; Steven Tyler, whose face paint implies he’s ready to hang out with 14-year-old girls at some rave in the woods; and Depp, who…actually looked fairly normal. His beret and tied shirt around his waist is our Casual Friday.

So in the Battle of the Scarves and Other Random Sh*t, I gotta give this one to Aerosmith. Congrats?

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