Johnny Rotten Spent Thousands Of Dollars On ‘Game Of Thrones’ Apps

Johnny Rotten once sarcastically sang that God saves the queen, “’cause tourists are money.” That was in 1977. These days, as Rotten has softened, the real money comes from apps, which South Park so beautifully detailed a few weeks ago. And the Canadians behind the operation have gotten Rotten to spend “10,000 f*cking pounds” on their games.

Have you made any extravagant purchases?

I wasted – you’re the first to know this – 10,000 f*cking pounds in the last two years on apps on my iPad. I got into Game of Thrones, Game of War, Real Racing, and I just wanted to up the ante. And like an idiot I didn’t check myself. I’ve been checked now. But there’s a kid in me, see? A bit of my childhood was taken from me and I’m determined to bring it back. (Via)

That’s actually kind of sad, and I hope Rotten learns to channel his money elsewhere (like rounding up every copy of Filthy Lucre Live and burning it), but now all I can think about is Sex Pistols-themed Game of Thrones songs. I’ll start: “God Save the Queen Margaery.” Your turn.

Via the Telegraph