Jon Hopkins Announces A New Album ‘Singularity,’ With The Undeniable Gravitational Pull Of ‘Emerald Rush’

English producer and musician Jon Hopkins has announced the follow up to his critically acclaimed 2013 album Immunity today with the release of “Emerald Rush.” The song is the first single from the forthcoming album Singularity.

“Emerald Rush” is quite immediate for Hopkins, who usually prefers his tracks to unfurl with a slow bloom. The song opens with a propulsive melodic pulse that builds and ascends while distant undecipherable vocals emanate from the mix. Hopkins knows how long its been since we’ve had new music from him, so for his first new track in over five years he opts to get straight to the point,

The accompanying animated video, directed by Robert Hunter and Elliot Dear, is a cyclical psychedelic feast. You can watch it above.

The announcement of Singularity comes after Hopkins teased new music late last month on Facebook with a trailer. Though we haven’t had a new album from Hopkins in five years, the producer has remained quite busy in the meantime. He had a killer Boiler Room set in 2013, In 2014 he released Asleep Versions, ambient remixes of some of the Immunity tracks, and contributed to the LateNightTales mix series in 2015. He’s also collaborated with Bonobo, Brian Eno, Bat For Lashes and Coldplay.

Singularity is out 5/4 via Domino Records. You can pre-order it here.