Jonah Hill Officiated Adam Levine’s Wedding And Was As Charming As Ever

Jonah Hill and Adam Levine have been friends for such a long time, from their families’ friendship to Hill’s brother, Jordan Feldstein, being Maroon 5’s manager, that it was only fitting that the actor officiated the singer’s wedding to Victoria’s Secret model Behati Prinsloo. While it wasn’t nearly as regal and all-around important to all mankind as Kim Kardashian’s wedding to Kanye West, E! made sure to get the complete inside scoop on Levine’s big day, as he completed the ultimate transition from pimple-faced geek to a guy who can now maniacally laugh at anyone who ever made fun of him.

And needless to say, Hill was just the guy to put the cherry on top, as he used his classic Hollywood charm to keep everyone at the private Cabo San Lucas venue smiling.

“Jonah was hysterical. He was telling so many jokes, but then in the middle would be so sweet and sincere.”

The 22 Jump Street star has known Levine for “such a long time,” the source added, saying that Hill made sure to mention that the Maroon 5 frontman is a “wonderful guy and has so much to give.”

“He also talked about how sweet Behati is and how perfect they are for one another,” the source said. One of his jokes revolved around how he and Levine would always skateboard with Robert Downey Jr. and Stevie Nicks when they were kids. “He set up the joke perfectly. His timing was amazing,” the source continued. “Everyone was giggling.” (Via E!)

That sound you hear is a million rich kids whining to their parents that they want to skateboard with famous people and be best friends with the singers of world famous bands. But I’m pretty sure they’d like to skip over the part about the brother who had an embarrassing one-day marriage to Clint Eastwood’s daughter, or was fired by one of his high profile clients over a food fight with Sharon Osbourne, while his other highest profile client’s career crashes and burns in spectacular fashion.

Perhaps the most important aspect of Levine’s wedding, though, was that Prinsloo’s bridesmaids were mostly her coworkers, so I’d like to imagine that her bridal party looked a lot like this: