Jonah Hill And Vic Mensa Opened Up The Pit At Kanye West’s MSG #SaintPabloTour Show

Contributing Writer

Celebrities, they’re just like us! Buying groceries, eating fast food, forming a Wall of Death…Okay, so it didn’t get that serious, but Jonah Hill and Vic Mensa were raging along with the rabble in the mosh pit at Kanye West‘s Madison Square Garden #SaintPabloTour stop on September 5.

Kanye West’s floating stage concept turns the general admission area on the floor into part of the show for folks sitting on the outside and so far, fans have been happy to oblige by dancing, moshing and chasing the stage as Yeezy flies over their heads like the god he once claimed to be. There’s no telling if Hill and Mensa had a few Coke and Henny slushies to loosen up before they jumped in with folks who were busy shoving and picking up change, but they were definitely game to take part in Kanye’s vision.

West explained what he’s trying to do with his stage in an interview last month.

“I wanted people to get into it and have a fun time. Make it not be just about watching the artist, but watching their friends, and singing along with the lyrics and being able to see themselves, see their outfits,” he told E! News. “Post something. Take the concert experience to another level.”

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