Juice WRLD Was Reportedly Searched Due To A Pilot Reporting His Guards’ Guns

New information about the circumstances preceding Juice WRLD’s death has surfaced in a TMZ report revealing a pair of possible reasons for federal agents to search Juice’s bags at Midway Airport. According to TMZ, Juice was previously searched in November at LAX while boarding a flight to Sydney, Australia. Customs agents used drug-sniffing dogs to check the luggage of Juice and his crew in that instance as well, but the report doesn’t say whether they found anything. It’s possible that if they did find anything — or expect to — the previous search put Juice under federal scrutiny.

The report also mentions another possible reason for the search: TMZ was told that the pilot of the private plane reported Juice’s bodyguards for having handguns on the plane, something that’s only allowed if the guns are packed away properly — for obvious reasons. The bodyguards — Henry Dean and Christopher Long, were both charged with misdemeanors over the guns — a pair of 9 mms and a .40 — because they were carrying them in the airport, which is also illegal. One bodyguard, Dean, was also charged for carrying a high-capacity magazine and metal-piercing bullets. The state’s attorney rejected felony charges.

Juice WRLD reportedly had a seizure during the December 8 search at Midway and was dosed with Narcan, a drug designed to treat overdoses. He was later declared dead at the hospital. During the search, federal agents also found 70 pounds of marijuana and several bottles of codeine cough syrup.

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