Julia Michaels’ New ‘Apple’ Video Is A Blooming, Flower-Filled Dream

Pop singer-songwriter Julia Michaels has shared the video for her song “Apple.”

“Apple,” off her newest EP Inner Monologue Part 1, is a nostalgic and slightly sad song. Over a gently strummed melody, Michaels reminisces on a blooming summer love she used to have, wishing she were basking in the glow of that happiness instead of where she is right now. The video features footage from Michaels’ album art shoot, as she lounges on the carpet with roses at her feet.

Michaels seems to be embracing a floral aesthetic for this EP — the video for “What A Time,” featuring Niall Horan, is also full of verdant plant life. And if the title Inner Monologue Part 1 is any indication, there is a follow-up of more catharsis, heartbreak, and flowers on the way.

In an interview with Billboard earlier this year, Michaels said: “I think it will probably stay in the same realm. I just usually write about things that I know, and a majority of things that I know are relationship-based. I talk about connections and intimacy and love and heartbreak, because those are the things that I know best. And to me, all of those things — whether they’re painful or they’re beautiful — that is poetry to me.”

Watch the video for Julia Michaels’ song “Apple” above.

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