We'll Give You One Guess As To How Bad Paris Hilton's DJ Set This Past Weekend Was

It was bad. Like, her guest appearance in The Cat in the Hat-level bad.

But before you stop believing in music, a little background: useless socialite Paris Hilton made her DJing debut this weekend at the Pop Music Festival in Brazil, and by DJing, I mean she stood in front of her equipment, danced like an idiot, waved a Brazilian flag, and played a new song of hers, the Afrojack-produced “Last Night.”

At least we have a new answer for the worst song ever. I was sick of having to say “Heartbeat.”

Pretty, pretty terrible. She sounded like a drunk, out-of-tune aunt at a post-bar mitzvah karaoke party, with dance moves more reminiscent of a senior citizen having a seizure than someone who got paid massive amounts of money to get people moving.

Even Rihanna, likely the least shameful person ever, must be embarrassed by having her “We Found Love” be associated with this splintered mess of a so-called “song.” I’m not the biggest fan of EDM (electronic dance music), but you have to feel for artists like Swedish House Mafia and David Guetta when you watch videos like this — their genre of music will never be taken seriously as long as Paris Hilton is allowed behind a mixer. But hey, at least one person liked it: