Witness The Birth Of Justin Bieber And Adam Sandler’s Strange Bromance

01.25.16 3 years ago


I love reading about surprising celebrity friendships like Helen Keller and Mark Twain or Taylor Swift and Lena Dunham; thanks to social media, these pairings come at us all the time.

Recently, thanks to Justin Bieber’s Instagram, we got to see video evidence that Adam Sandler is a true Belieber and that the sprightly purple-haired pop star thinks that “Adam Sander” is a “living legend.” Why was someone capturing Bieber’s everyday normal guy routine? Is this footage from a new reality show called, Erranding With The Bieb? Is it a staged celebrity encounter? Or is it video evidence of Bieber’s movements so as to clear him from any prospective charges that might arise when he’s in the wild? Call Robert Stack, we’ve got an unsolved mystery on our hands.

Also, since there exists an obvious gravitational pull with Sandler and every celebrity (and Vanilla Ice) that he meets, do not be alarmed or surprised or aroused when Justin Bieber shows up as the son of Rob Schneider’s “You Can Do It!” guy in The Ridiculous Six 1/2. Yes, this is surely just the first chapter in the long book about Adam Sander and Justin Bieber: Best Homeboys.

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