Video Of Justin Bieber Being Attacked By A Deranged Old Man Outside Of Macy’s In NYC

Fresh off of sleepwalking through an appearance on Letterman last night, Justin Bieber made a stop at the Macy’s on 34th street in Mnahattan to promote “Someday,” his new perfume (This will never not be funny to me, particularly when the top looks like a lady flower).

Anyway, at some point Biebs went outside to greet the thousands of shrieking teenage girls who go to bed every night dreaming of having awkward, awful teenager sex with him, when a deranged old man jumped a barricade and knocked Bieber to the ground.

Reports ABC7:

Witnesses say when Justin Bieber came out the doors an unidentified man jumped a barrier and knocked the teen sensation to the ground.

Bieber was not injured but appeared to be very ‘shaken up’. The man who jumped the barrier was taken away by police.

“I see that guy going around, but I didn’t think anything about it, but all of a sudden he just jumped…Three guys were holding this guy back,” said one witness.

Some youngish-sounding guys were videoing the entire spectacle from a high-rise across the street — video that was promptly uploaded to YouTube and is embedded above — and their play-by-play call of the action is pretty great. At some point a closer shot has to emerge, but for now this will have to do. Just keep an eye on the store’s entrance. As one of the guy’s in the video can be heard saying, it’s “Twitter gold.”