Justin Bieber’s Instagram Selfie Is Going To Make Beliebers Buy Up All The Copies Of ‘Sausage Party’

It’s entirely possible that Justin Bieber diehards have already seen Sausage Party. The strange,animated food orgy movie did way better than anyone expected, after all. But any Beliebers who don’t already have a copy on their shelf thanks to Never Say Never are probably heading to wherever you buy physical copies of movies in 2017 this very instant thanks to Justin Bieber’s latest selfie.

In the shot, a perfectly placed copy of the Seth Rogen movie appears to be creeping on the Purpose singer as he snapped a photo. It didn’t take long for Rogen himself to chime in that this is all a part of a wicked expensive marketing scheme for the movie about food that also looks like genitalia.

“Our newest Sausage Party marketing campaign was expensive, but I think it’ll be worth it in the long run,” he wrote on Twitter.

More likely, Justin Bieber just wanted to get his hands on that ultra-meta alternate ending, so he sprung for the DVD. Or maybe as the popstar creeps closer to 30, he’s really curious about the idea of life after death (but only if it’s examined by a douche named Douche)? Either way, Sausage Party sales are about to spike like green juice.