The Guy Who Spent $100,000 To Look Like Justin Bieber Has Gone Missing

Celebrity can be a strange thing. Sure, it can bring all the fame and riches you could ever imagine, but it also can bring about an obsession. People can become so fascinated with you that they want to listen to you, watch you, even in some rare occasions, become you. That is the case of Tobias Strebel, a Justin Bieber superfan and celebrity look alike. He most notably became famous on the E! television show Botched as someone who wanted to update his face to look more like Justin’s, but now it’s reported by TheWrap that the 35-year-old man has been missing for five days.

Strebel, who spent more than $100,000 to look like the teen idol, was last seen in West Hollywood, according to local news affiliate KABC. While clearly not as world-renowned as the pop star he’s imitating, the Bieber impersonator has tried incredibly strange things to garner fame, including recording an album with other plastic surgery lookalikes in a group called The Plastics.

Someone like this would be easy to lampoon – his whole life is dedicated to someone who thinks he’s the next Bob Dylan, but can’t wait to post naked butt selfies on Instagram – but he’s missing and has people who care about him worried. Hopefully he will be found safe, alive, and well.

(via TheWrap)