Justin Bieber Humped A Stage During This Rousing Boyz II Men Rendition

The tour of terror continues for Justin Bieber, who’s still seeking redemption after years of bad behavior. Getting placed in a chokehold and then roasted on Comedy Central wasn’t enough for Mr. Act of Contrition. He knows the audience demands more. Of late, Bieber’s made a habit of appropriating Boyz II Men songs for his own purposes when he joined James Corden for Carpool Karaoke, which included a rendition of “End of the World.” Now, Bieber’s taken things to an extreme with this video of him getting sex-ay at the W Hotel in Hollywood on Sunday.

The video features Bieber performing the timeless Boyz II Men tune, “I’ll Make Love To You.” He didn’t do a terrible job (by Bieber standards) at singing. He elevated the performance into grand comedy by growing more emotional with each verse. As the video progresses, the trusty iPhone cameraperson advances closer to the stage. We then bear witness a series of heartfelt crotch grabs. Oh, and it gets worse. Bieber then lowers himself to the ground at around the 8:40 mark to hump the stage.

(Via YouTube)