An Overcome Justin Bieber Broke Down In Tears While Performing ‘Purpose’

Even though Justin Bieber’s been a pop star since he was 15-years-old — and performing in front of sold-out arenas for nearly that long — the adulation of his fans can still get to him. Case in point: This clip from a recent tour stop in Frankfurt, Germany, where the crowd’s love brought tears to his eyes.

The suddenly critically adored singer broke down in tears while singing “Purpose” — the title track from his Album of the Year contender — on November 16. Those same fans cheered him on to help him get over his feelings and finish up the song. Check out the fan-shot clip up top.

This was a tender moment in front of an army of admirers, but fans who want to get up close and personal with the vulnerable pop star — and have a spare $500K lying around — should take a look at Bieber’s VIP New Years Eve package. For only a half-million dollars, you can be up front at Bieber’s December 31 gig in Miami, play around with other peoples’ luxury sportscars, ride up to a club in a yacht and a five-night penthouse stay. Of course, the only tears will probably be your own when you check your bank account.