Justin Bieber And DJ Snake Want To Recapture The Magic On ‘Let Me Love You’

Justin Bieber and DJ Snake‘s “Let Me Love You” is the standout track from Snake’s new album Encore, which dropped August 5. And it’s not hard to see why, the songs seems almost cynically engineered to capture radio listener’s attention.

The vocal delivered by Bieber is straight out of his mega-hit “Sorry” and when the song shifts into a new gear after the one minute mark, it’s hard not to hear shades of the monstrously successful Major Lazer track “Lean On”. Of course, DJ Snake worked on that track which raises the question of whether or not a bunch of artists can steal from themselves. Don’t miss those flitting vocal runs underneath the track that sound dangerously similar to the ones that landed Bieber in hot water after the success of “Sorry”.

Hell, one of the only parts on the track that isn’t coming straight out of Bieber or Snake’s discography is the title, which is the name of two massive hits of yore.

Snake’s not exactly trying to hide the fact that he’s bringing us more of the same. After all, the album is called Encore. And you know what? On “Let Me,” it mostly works. Sometimes, the same-old same-old is nice.

Check out the track up top.

(Via Rolling Stone)