Justin Bieber Fans Defended His Baby Seal Tires And Judge Judy Tattoo To Jimmy Kimmel

Another week, another installment of the Jimmy Kimmel Live team making a group of people look like horses’ asses in front of a national audience for the sake of comedy. This go round the victims were teenage girls (and one middle-aged dude whose “daughter” was somewhere nearby) attending a Justin Bieber concert.

Easy prey, granted. The Biebster isn’t spiraling out of control because his fans are objective pragmatists. To compensate, the Jimmy Kimmel Live staff exponentially upped the ante on their line of made up questioning, tossing out audacious fake controversies like Bieber having custom baby seal tires made (presumably for this automotive wonder) and punching his grandmother in the stomach over a game of cribbage.

Guess whose side the fans took? Yes, it’s low-hanging, not to mention depressing, but the pranksters did take the time to photoshop “Only Judy Can Judge Me” and a cat butt tattoo on the pop star’s naval so there’s that.

Teenage girls: Making teenage boys seem not so terrible since always.