Justin Bieber Reportedly Cut Ties With Floyd Mayweather Because His Church Told Him To

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08.22.17 6 Comments


Friends come and “Friends” go. Such is the way of the world. On the eve of one of the biggest fights of his life, a bout this Saturday with the UFC champion Connor McGregor, Floyd Mayweather was dealt an extra blow when he discovered that pop superstar and his one-time buddy Justin Bieber unfollowed him on Instagram. Apparently, that didn’t sit so well with “Money” Mayweather, who has reportedly added the Biebs to his enemies list.

The reason why Justin decided to cut ties with the controversial, undefeated fighter is actually pretty interesting and if you’re to believe TMZ, has everything to do with his desire to become a better person. You see, recently, Justin has been spending a lot more time at the Hillsong Church, who has advised him that maybe he should trim some of the bad influences out of his life. As a result, Bieber decided to lose Mayweather’s number while he also takes a breather from what was set to be a punishing run of stadium tour dates this Fall across North America and Southeast Asia.

According to TMZ, “Our sources say Justin didn’t want a clean break from Floyd, he just wanted to ‘reset boundaries…walling himself off from things like Floyd’s obsession with strip clubs.” Seems reasonable right? Not for Floyd, who “went ‘insane, nuclear.’ He lashed out at Justin, called him a “traitor” because Floyd had stuck with Justin during his meltdown when everyone was attacking Bieber.”

Good luck on your journey to becoming your best self Justin.

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