Justin Bieber Decided To Crash A High School Prom In Los Angeles

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Ah, prom. That magical time of year when high school juniors and seniors come together to spend almost as much of the school’s money as the athletic department. It’s the source of treasured memories for most (and blackouts for many others), but for the students of Chatsworth Charter High School, it will forever be the night when Justin Bieber randomly showed up.

According to Hollywood Life, Bieber was en route to a recording studio that just so happened to be at the same place as the prom. I’m not so sure if any proms have ever happened at or near a studio before, but Chatsworth is just northwest of Los Angeles, so the likelihood is strong with this one.

Social media predictably lost its marbles when Chatsworth students began tweeting photos and videos of Bieber’s appearance.

Sure, if you’re a teenage girl (or guy — I won’t judge) and Bieber shows up to your prom, you’d most likely lose your sh*t. But what would have happened had you lost it a little bit too much? It’s not like Bieber was without his posse of over-sized bodyguards.

That would have made for an interesting prom fight. What prom king wouldn’t want to try and deck the guy after he stole your student body-approved date?

(Via Billboard and Hollywood Life)