You Can Actually Call Justin Bieber On Your Cell Phone To Hear His ‘Hotline Bling’ Remix Early

Justin Bieber has spent his social media day teasing a remix of Drake’s not-quite-No.1-yet hit “Hotline Bling.” Before dropping the actual song, though, the Biebz is getting his fans involved, encouraging them to give him a call on his, um, hotline.

And when you do make that call, Bieber himself apparently greets you with a preview of the track.

Bieber’s newest album, Purpose, comes out just two weeks away, so piggy backing one of the hottest songs in the country for some attention is not a bad idea. Much like Drake’s other R&B songs, an actual trained singer covering the track is never a bad idea, either. Many have given “Hotline Bling” the cover treatment — with maybe Alessia Cara’s rendition being the best — so as a fellow Canadian, Bieber might as well throw his hat in the ring.

The full version of the song should be out soon, but in the meantime, Purpose drops on November 13 and can be preordered on iTunes here.