Justin Bieber Posted His Own Internet-Breaking Bare-Butt Photo On Instagram

Justin Bieber wanted some attention last night, so he tried to “break the internet” by posting a butt shot to rival Kim Kardashian’s glazed cheeks. Bieber let fly as he pointed off into the Australian distance. Then he painstakingly scrolled through Instagram filters and selected the perfect one. Bieber didn’t want to overplay his hand, so he armed the photo with a simple caption: “Look.”

In only four hours, Bieber’s oversaturated butt amassed more than 1 million “likes.” A few negative comments popped into the mix, but most responses were depressingly positive. Beliebers are a die-hard bunch.

If you’re feeling particularly masochistic, the NSFW goods are over on Instagram. The internet memes should start pouring in at any moment.

(Via Gawker)