Justin Bieber Is On The Road To Becoming A Holy Roller/Jesus Freak

06.09.14 10 Comments
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When we last checked in on Canada’s worst export, Justin Bieber was dropping N-bombs all over the place. Now this week he’s well on the road to becoming your Aunt Pat, the one who’s always asking if you’ve accepted Jesus Christ into your heart as your lord and savior whenever you’re forced to see her during the holidays.

Reports TMZ:

Justin Bieber turned to the Lord while being shaken down over his racist videos — and TMZ has learned he washed away his sins with a baptism performed in a bathroom.
Pastor Carl Lentz — who works with Bieber in NYC — tells us he spent a week doing intense Bible study with Justin last month … in the wake of being extorted over the videos…We’re told Bieber’s religious resurgence focused on studying Bible passages and attending services … culminating in an actual baptism performed in the bathtub of one of the singer’s friends.

Indeed, a quick check of Bieber’s social media streams shows him veering to the religious of late.

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Maybe Bieber and Chet Haze can be besties and attend Sunday School together?

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