Justin Bieber Is Doing A Week-Long Residency On Jimmy Fallon’s Show

To the handful of people who watch The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon live and don’t just catch the highlights on the internet the next day, consider this a heads-up: Justin Bieber will be taking over the show with a week-long residency in September.

The Biebs will be on the show from Monday, Sept. 7, through Friday, Sept. 11, with performances that will hype his fourth album, coming Nov. 13. Bieber also released the first single from the upcoming album, “What Do You Mean?”

The tropical house-leaning track is a fairly cookie-cutter song about Bieber being unable to understand his partner. Then again, it is a trop-house pop song, so maybe it isn’t fair to Bieber to expect too much. Check out the lyric video up top.

Bieber said the new album is a lot more introspective than his previous albums.

“People will be able to really get into where my heart is. It’s about my journey in life – stuff that I’ve been through. Maybe I can teach a lesson, certain things that are inspiring.”

Bieber worked with Kanye West, Rick Rubin and the Jack U duo of Skrillex and Diplo on the album.

“I’m working a lot with Skrillex and Diplo and this guy named Poo Bear, who’s an incredible writer. We’ve just been getting our groove. You kind of go through a period where you’re in there and nothing comes and nothing comes, and then, finally, it’s like bang-bang-bang – you get them all in a row. I’m at a place where I’m really happy and I’m ready to share my music.”

Comment-section fodder: Journals was pretty great, and this new album has a chance to be even better. While you can lament the fact that Bieber might not be the best sketch partner for Fallon, the performances should be something to see.

(Via Rolling Stone)