Justin Bieber Just Dropped Two New Tracks From ‘Purpose,’ Including An Ed Sheeran Duet

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The Justin Bieber hype machine is in overdrive this week with the impending release of his new studio album, Purpose. Parts of some of these interviews, thankfully, actually contains new music. The pop singer stopped by Zane Lowe’s show on Beats 1 to premiere his new song “Love Yourself” featuring Ed Sheeran on guitar and as a co-writer.

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The new track featuring Sheeran’s signature guitar strums is an unapologetic kiss off to a past love, which gets away from the contrite tone of his previous singles like “Sorry” and “I’ll Show You.” With lines like “My momma don’t like you and she likes everyone,” he’s clearly airing out someone pretty ruthlessly.

But Bieber wasn’t done there. While almost threatening to leak the album right there on the worldwide radio station, he decided to instead premiere another track, this time his teased duet with Halsey called “The Feeling.”

In speaking about the collaboration, he noted that he still hasn’t met her, but that the two of them had a great chemistry and he discovered her on YouTube, just like his own origin story nearly a decade ago.

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Both “Love Yourself” and “The Feeling” will appear on Purpose, which is dropping on Friday, November 13.

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