Macklemore Reportedly Owns A Painting Of Justin Bieber Wearing Nothing But A Pancake

Macklemore and Justin Bieber are, at best, both polarizing figures in music. Sure, they have their fans, but both Macklemore and the Biebs generate a fair amount of disdain from the general public, some of it justified. Well, these two musical luminaries come together in what can only be described as a completely insane story. It involves a pancake being balanced on erect penis. And no, we aren’t exaggerating the weirdness here.

We won’t keep you in suspense any longer, as you are obviously intrigued by the words “Macklemore,” “Justin Bieber,” and “pancake being balanced on an erect penis” being thrown together into one story and you’ve made it this far. Reportedly, Macklemore, aka Ben Haggerty from a legal name perspective, owns an oil painting of a nude Bieber with a pancake covering his genitals, and also there is maple syrup cascading down his chest.

How did we become aware of such a bizarre situation? Macklemore and his partner in music Ryan Lewis were profiled in Rolling Stone, which included this passage:

On the ground floor is a recording room with a ton of audio gear, a wall of guitars and racks of outlandish garments spouting sequins, fringe and feathers. “Those are Ben’s,” Lewis notes. There is a kitschy velvet painting of a bald eagle, an oil painting of Drake dancing and a transfixing rendition of a naked Justin Bieber with maple syrup pouring down his chest onto a pancake balanced on his boner. “Ben spent a lot of time buying weird stuff on Etsy,” Lewis says.

What the thrift shops can’t provide, Etsy can, it would seem. If you were curious of what this incredible WTF and NSFW work of art could look like, the artist of the painting in question has an Etsy username of DanLacey. Just be forewarned.

None of this makes sense, but, in a way, all of it makes sense. It also will only serve to solidify your opinion of Macklemore, one assumes.

(Via Spin)