Watch Justin Bieber Openly Mock The Spanish Lyrics To ‘Despacito’ During A New York Performance

Being a fan of Justin Bieber means acknowledging that sometimes things are going to get a little confusing. First, he’ll do something you love him for, like drop his mega-hot remix remix of “Despacito” that sounds like a serious contender for song of the summer, and then, he’ll go and do something like completely mock the lyrics to it. In a series of Snapchats and social videos gathered from the night, which you can watch above, he appears to do just that.

At a recent show in New York at 1 OAK, Bieber struggled to perform the track — which is currently the No. 1 song in the country — with any real grasp on the words. But he takes it a step further, and sings “blah blah blah” during the verses, which are in Spanish.

Bieber may be sitting on top of the global charts via the track, but if he’s mocking the culture that the song came from, that is not only the worst kind of trend-hopping, it’s also disrespectful to all of his fans who were thrilled to hear him on a Spanish-language song. Not to mention how Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee, the Puerto Rican singers of the original song, will feel when they see this.

Bieber seems to be pretty out of it during the show, but this definitely won’t go over well. To make things even weirder, the Chainsmokers were also at his performance. Maybe Bieber should check this breakdown of the song, so he actually knows the words next time he tries to perform it.