Justin Bieber’s New Album Features Nas, Ed Sheeran, And Travi$ Scott

Justin Bieber‘s forthcoming new album Purpose is available for pre-order, and the full tracklisting reveals that it’s going to be all over the map.

The list of government names shows that effort features co-writing throughout from his current mentor Poo Bear. It also shows that The Biebz is collaborating with the likes of Ed Sheeran, Nas, Travi$ Scott, Benny Blanco, Ariana Grande, Skrillex and Big Sean on the new album. Ariana Grande will feature on a remix of “What Do You Mean?” Check out the full credits below.

1. Justin Bieber, Jason Boyd & Michael Tucker
2. Justin Bieber, Josh Gudwin, Sonny Moore, Michael Tucker & Theron Feemster
3. Justin Bieber, Jason Boyd & Mason Levy
4. Justin Bieber, Michael Tucker, Sonny Moore, Julia Michaels & Justin Tranter
5. Justin Bieber, Ed Sheeran & Benjamin Levin
6. Justin Bieber, Jason Boyd, James Abrahart, Andreas Schuller, Thomas Troelsen, James Wong & Leroy Clampitt
7. Justin Bieber, Jason Boyd, Dominic Jordan, Jimmy Giannos & Sean Anderson
8. Justin Bieber, Jason Boyd, Kenneth Coby, Jacques Webster & Mike Dean
9. Justin Bieber, Julia Michaels, Clarence Coffee Jr, Sarah Hudson, Sonny Moore & Ian Kirkpatrick
10. Justin Bieber, Jason Boyd & Mark Jackson
11. Justin Bieber, Jason Boyd, Sonny Moore, Thomas Wesley Pentz, Karl Rubin Brutus, Jordan Ware
12. Justin Bieber, Jason Boyd, Sonny Moore, Brandon Green & Nico Stadi
13. Justin Bieber, Jason Boyd, Stephen Philibin, Eben Wares, Jeremy Snyder & Scott “Scooter” Braun
14. Justin Bieber, Jason Boyd, Josh Abraham, Brandon Green, Oliver Goldstein & Saul Alexander Castillo Vasquez
15. Justin Bieber, Jason Boyd, Brandon Green, Josh Abraham, Ely Weisfeld, Nico Stadi, Josh Gudwin & Saul Alexander Castillo Vasquez
16. Justin Bieber, Jason Boyd, Andre Harris, Donovan Knight & Nasir Jones
17. Justin Bieber, Jason Boyd & Mark Jackson
18. Justin Bieber, Jason Boyd, Mark Johnson, Mason Levy & Josh Gudwin
19. Justin Bieber, Jason Boyd & Mason Levy

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(Via Complex)