Justin Bieber Is Threatening Lawsuits Over Those Nude Photos

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Justin Bieber’s legal team has sent a cease-and-desist letter to the New York Daily News for publishing nude pictures of the singer on vacation. The team is demanding that 20 paparazzi-snapped photos of Bieber’s time in Bora Bora be removed from the website. Although the photos were censored by the paper, uncensored ones have also appeared on the internet.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, the letter was sent shortly after the photos were published Wednesday afternoon, demanding compliance within 12 hours, yet the gallery is still on the paper’s website.

The letter also acknowledges that the photos are of Bieber, despite online speculation that the photos had been doctored to look like him. “We recently became informed that your company has obtained and is distributing unauthorized photographs of our Client including images showing him without clothing,” reads the letter.

Bieber’s legal team states the publication of the photos represents a violation of the singer’s publicity and privacy rights, as well as an infringement on his trademarks. Representatives at the Myman Greenspan law firm are threatening to sue if the photos aren’t taken down.

The singer has yet to speak about the photo leak.

(Via the Hollywood Reporter)

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