Is Justin Bieber Joining One Direction? Their Fans Seem To Think So.

When it comes to boy bands, there are two main camps that rule the universe. The Lannisters and the Starks. Wait, no. Just kidding. Wrong world. (R.I.P. J.S.) Back on planet earth, when referring to young male pop stars and their fans, one is most likely referring to either Justin Bieber and his Beliebers, or One Direction and their Directioners. It’s all very complicated. Bottom line, you have to pick a side… until now.

Since the beginning of time, also known as 18 to 21 years ago, there’s been a feud between Beliebers and One Directioners over which side is more loyal. On Wednesday, something magical happened. One Direction fans AND Justin Bieber fans joined forces in an effort to save the Internet and content farms everywhere (bless) from a complete breakdown due to total boredom.

They even created a special hashtag, #JustinBieberComeBackTo1D, to help raise awareness for their cause. And raise awareness they did. The hashtag was trending worldwide quicker than Harry could fall on stage during a performance of “Through the Dark.” (Oh, we remember).

Between Louis Tomlinson’s baby newsZayn Malik’s Twitter beef, and the Biebs’ hanging out with Martha Stewart, you’d think One Direction and Bieber fans would have plenty to tweet/share/repeat about. But no. The hashtag remains.

The only question now: Who is Sansa in this scenario? Selena? Sophia? Taylor?

via MTV