Justin Bieber Is Saying Sorry To His Fans — Even If He Doesn’t Need To

A couple weeks ago, Justin Bieber tried to share some of his heart with an audience in the UK and, well, they weren’t very responsive. At the time, Bieber was a bit frustrated — but he’s a pop star — so he went back to his job of singing and entertaining for people who paid money to see him. That’s what a professional does.

Unfortunately, since Justin became a star when he was young, and since he’s gone on to become one of the biggest pop stars in the world, his frustration was taken a little bit out of context by some, who claimed he was angry with his fans. I’m not sure that’s the case, but like I noted before, I can understand the annoyance that ensues when you’re trying to communicate something that’s really important to you and you get ignored.

Whatever the case may be, Bieber took some time out of a show in Glasgow to clarify the incident, to explain that he wasn’t angry with his fans, and reveal a little bit more about what is in his heart for the Purpose tour. Kudos to Justin for taking the high road here and not letting his emotions get the best of him — that’s pretty big of a 21-year-old pop star. Watch it above.

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