Justin Bieber Shows His Soccer Skills By Beating A Bunch Of Little Kids

Just like with basketball, Justin Bieber looks pretty good at soccer when playing against bodies incapable or unwilling to challenge him, as with these children in a video posted by TMZ Sports.

Bieber does a good job of keepaway in the video, showcasing a couple intermediate dribbling skills, but losing the ball twice quite easily, reflecting that, just like in basketball (and, some might argue, in every part of his life), Bieber puts in just enough work to be flashy and look good on first glance, but never enough to actually be any good. Also, he’s playing with kids! Justin, if you’re playing with kids, you’re supposed to, you know, play with them, rather than just dribble around them while they jog frustratedly after you. None of those kids care that you can do a stepover, Justin. The just want to play some dang soccer.

In fairness, there is one moment when Bieber lets a little kid get the ball, but it’s not enough. We demand more from our celebrities. Besides, the kid was more chill about his own goal than Justin was about his. That should give you a sense about Bieber’s maturity, if you didn’t already have one.