Who Seriously Believes That Justin Bieber Has Changed For The Better?

Justin Bieber would like the world to believe that he’s the ultimate combination of a manly man who can and will kick your ass, and also a delicate flower of an artist who bares his soul to his prepubescent fans on a nightly basis. What he doesn’t want anyone to believe is that he’s a spoiled douchebag who behaves however he wants, because he’s filthy rich and his father is too busy partying with him to stop him and say, “Son, you’re acting like an asshat of the highest order.” Once the Biebs (or more likely his management) realized that the world had woken up and realized who he really is, his huge PR campaign went into full effect and we were all asked to believe that he was truly, madly, seriously, sincerely sorry… girl.

With “good faith” events like the Comedy Central Roast of Justin Bieber and most recently his performance at the MTV Music Videos Awards, when he broke down and cried because the music just means so much, girl, his master plan was actually working. Fans were returning to him as he earned positive reviews for his new jam, and people really thought that the kid who spit on his fans, pissed in mop buckets, and had to be carried up the Great Wall of China like the emperor had changed. But then he went on The Today Show this week and f*cked that all to hell, because his temper tantrum reminded us that even with a haircut straight out of Gleaming the Cube, the Biebs is still the Biebs. Ain’t nobody gonna change Canada’s biggest bad boy, girl.

For more on this week’s top celebrity temper tantrum, anchors Tom Storey and Briana Lane weigh in on today’s episode of The Desk.

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