Justin Bieber Has Turned Himself In To The Toronto Police Department

While the White House mulls the online petition to deport Justin Bieber, the embattled singer has already decided to return to Canada on his own. However, he didn’t cut his vacation to Panama short because 100,000 Americans and counting want his ass shipped back to where he came from. Instead, it’s because he had to turn himself in to the Toronto Police because he’s facing assault charges stemming from an incident with a limo driver that allegedly took place in December.

Bieber, of course, was arrested last Thursday in Miami for allegedly driving under the influence of alcohol and drugs and drag racing with a friend. That case is apparently falling apart thanks to the convenient assistance from the company that rented Bieber the yellow Lamborghini he was driving, as the GPS data shows that the cars were never traveling fast enough to be “drag racing.” Additionally, the Breathalyzer results revealed that Bieber only had a BAC of .014, which Florida law considers “good enough to be mayor.”

The 19-year old is still possibly facing charges in Los Angeles as well, as detectives have been putting together their case against Bieber for allegedly egging his neighbor’s house and causing $20,000 worth of property damage. This chain of legal incidents ultimately led to his Panamanian retreat, during which he was joined by his mentor Usher and manager Scooter Braun, who were possibly trying to talk some sense into him. Whether or not it worked will be seen if and when any of these three cases go to court.

In the meantime, this video of Keyshawn Johnson talking about how (he claims) he really handled Bieber after their run-in will possibly make your week.

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