Justin Bieber Is On The Run From John Leguizamo In His Video For ‘What Do You Mean’

The redemption tour for Justin Bieber has almost reached its apex. Following the Comedy Central Roast that showed he could take a joke, his Song of the Summer candidate with Jack Ü “Where Are U Now,” and his 2015 MTV Video Music Awards performance, which literally brought him to tears, it’s finally all coming together with a new album of his own. “What Do You Mean,” the first single from the as-of-now untitled project, definitely caught our ears the right way when we first heard it earlier this week. But now, we’ve got a visual for the song, and it’s what everyone who heard it pictured: John Leguizamo?

Also starring Xenia Deli as Justin’s leading lady, the Biebs apparently knows that something bad is about to go down with his girl, but what exactly? However, in the meantime, might as well fool around a little bit before they’re kidnapped. Before long, the two are trapped in an abandoned building, then escape to a skate park? Okay, look, we can’t really make heads or tails of this neo-noir clip, but the one thing we can confirm is that the track is definitely a jam. Also, if we were on set, we would definitely ask John Leguizamo about the terrible Super Mario Bros. movie, but that’s only because we’re huge nerds.

(via YouTube)

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