Enjoy The Infectious Joy Of Justin Timberlake’s Official Video For ‘Can’t Stop The Feeling’

Now we’ve gotten a “first listen” for Justin Timberlake’s new number one hit, but it’s been a bit of tease before the official video hit the internet. The wait is over and we get a pretty infectious happy video featuring plenty of dancing, plenty of pie, some grocery shopping, and Timberlake doing everything he could to really send the idea of having fun into the air for everybody to enjoy.

The video features a rogues gallery of normal people getting down while Timberlake looks on like some sort of smiling jester. If Jared Leto was looking for a way to make people think he was actually sane, he could point toward Timberlake in this video and live on. Maybe. Timberlake probably isn’t sending people people dead rats or pig heads.

Timberlake is definitely making his mark in the running for “song of the summer” with this one, surely heading down a road toward annoying everybody on the planet at some point. He’s earned it, though. He knows exactly what he’s doing and he has the star power to do it, with the public wrapped around his finger.

Also, did you know it was May? Of course you do, thanks to Timberlake.

(Via Vevo)