Justin Timberlake Wants You To Dress Like A ‘Man Of The Woods’ With His New Tour Merch

Justin Timberlake may have received an undue share of ridicule for his Man Of The Woods makeover, but it’s too late to turn back the promotional machine now. Accordingly, JT really leans into the outdoorsy aesthetic for much of his available tour merch as well. However, rather than simply printing forest leaves on a T-shirt and calling it a day, Timberlake has collaborated with designers in art, fashion, and consumer goods to create individual pieces for each song on the 16-track album.

That means a Best Made Co. flask for the song “Sauce” (complete with the word “sauce” embossed in the metal), a custom pair of Warby Parker sunglasses for “Wave,” the Pendleton blanket wrapped around him in the promotional stills for the album, and, of course, a Levi’s flannel shirt for “Flannel.” Each item will be available for purchase at his upcoming New York City pop-up shop (not very rural of you, JT), Friday, February 9th.

Sneakerheads will be excited to note that Timberlake’s Nike collaboration Air Jordan 3 JTH, the sneakers he wore for his serviceable Super Bowl halftime show that infamously sold out within minutes of online availability, will also be on-sale at the pop-up shop for anyone who struck out the night of the big game.

Check out a full list of the collaborators for each product below, courtesy of GQ magazine.

01. “Filthy” — Heron Preston
02. “Midnight Summer Jam” — YETI
03. “Sauce” — Best Made Co.
04. “Man of the Woods” — Best Made Co.
05. “Higher Higher” — Jordan Brand
06. “Wave” — Warby Parker
07. “Supplies” — Best Made Co.
08. “Morning Light: — Pendleton
09. “Say Something” — Moleskin
10. “Hers (Interlude)” — Levi’s x Pendleton
11. “Flannel” — Levi’s
12. “Montana” — Levi’s
13. “Breeze Off the Pond” — Maestro’s Classic
14. “Livin’ Off the Land” — Best Made Co.
15. “The Hard Stuff” — Leor Yerushalmi
16. “Young Man” — Lucchese