Wait, Are Justin Timberlake And Pharrell Working On New Music?

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As a society, we’ve been deprived of new music by Justin Timberlake for far too long. He released his last album, The 20/20 Experience, all the way back in 2013. 2013! We couldn’t even easily attach .gifs to tweets back then for crying out loud! Even though it’s not like Timberlake has been totally out of sight and out of mind since then, I think I speak for the majority of planet Earth when I say that it’s time for him to get back in the lab.

I also speak for the majority of planet Earth when I ask — wait, is he back in the lab?

While you were celebrating St. Patrick’s Day, it seems like Timberlake and old friend Pharrell were chilling in a studio, at least that’s according to Timberlake’s Instagram. The singer posted a picture of the two dudes, spending some casual time in definitely what looks like a recording studio, accompanied only by the caption “currently…” and little else.

So, they are like, recording, right? Please? Maybe? No one knows! Damn you celebrities on Instagram, teasing us with your vague pictures and messages! Don’t you know how much you are toying with our emotions, playing with our hopes and dreams?

The reality is that Timberlake and Pharrell could “currently” be doing any number of things in that picture and that those “things” just happen to be going down in the control room of a recording studio, which is not the craziest of places for them to be hanging out given their respective professions.

Although, Pharrell also posted something on Instagram. Here, take a look.

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Today's PSA @justintimberlake

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It seems as vague as Timberlake’s, right? But…here’s the but folks…they are wearing DIFFERENT CLOTHES! That means that they have hung out in this recording studio on more than one occasion. You know what kind of people hang out in recording studios on more than one occasion? The kind of people recording in a recording studio!

Yeah, let that sink in for a second.

So, are they working on a new album? Who knows. It’s very possible this could be connected to Justin’s role in starring and making music for the upcoming Trolls movie, but come on, please let it be a new album. We’ve waited long enough.

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