Justin Timberlake Can Do Anything And Here Are Eight Examples To Prove It

Justin Timberlake performed at the Country Music Awards Wednesday night. Because of course he did. He crooned alongside Chris Stapleton, performing Stapleton’s “Tennessee Whiskey” and another tune, “Drink You Away.” And he completely held his own. Because of course he did! Thus prompting the question, is there anything Justin Timberlake can’t do?

Short answer: No.

Longer answer: Nope.

Timberlake has found what seems like an endless amount of ways to keep us guessing as to what he’ll do next or where he’ll show up next. It’s almost as if his main gig of you know, just selling a gazillion records doing the singing and dancing thing, was becoming more of a side hustle, or at the very least, a reliable fall-back gig. He has become much more of an entertainer, than simply a singer or even a musician.

Let’s be honest with ourselves, America, all signs point to Justin Timberlake being able to do anything.

He Can Educate The Masses About The History Of Rap

Along with his bestie Jimmy Fallon, Timberlake has performed six History of Rap melodies on Fallon’s show, in which they run through at least 30 songs in under five minutes. They break a sweat, they break the internet. They nail the Beastie Boys and they nail Kanye. They crush Biz Markie and they crush Salt ‘n Pepa and, when all is said, we are all little smarter, hipper for it.

Speaking Of Fallon, He Can Crush An Impression Of Him

Which he did on his most recent appearance on Saturday Night Live. Timberlake was the musical guest, Fallon was the host. Worlds collided during a Celebrity Family Feud skit when Timberlake busted out a completely spot-on impression of Fallon, who was on the other side of the stage, doing a Jim Parsons impression. Timberlake was then able to stow away his Fallon impression in his war chest, next to his Elton John, Bon Iver, and Robin Gibbs impressions.

He Can Get A Gig As One Of Beyonce’s Backup Dancers If All Else Fails

Also on Saturday Night Live and alongside two of the cast members at the time, Bobby Moynihan and Andy Samberg, Timberlake made Beyonce proud and her current backup dancers probably a little jealous. He also busted out some legs for days in an outfit he probably saves for those occasional lazy Sundays. That Jessica Biel is one lucky lady.

He Can Sell Your Product Like An Absolute Champ

Booze? Heck yeah. Vegan delights? Oh, you bet. Delightful gift-wrapping? Of course. And he’ll do with that trademark JT swagger and style, if not a little bit of mystery. Mystery? Yeah, because really, how does he manage to always press the right button on his boombox with those gloves?

Hold Up! He Can Do Folk Music Too?

Of course he can! Timberlake had a bit part in the Coen Brothers movie about the 1960s folk scene, Inside Lleywn Davis. He played a singer/songwriter on the come-up, as opposed to Oscar Isaac’s struggling Lleywn Davis character. The fact that Timberlake looks so comfortable strumming an old acoustic should have been our first hint that him showing up at the Country Music Awards wasn’t that far-fetched. But in all fairness, we were most likely distracted by the whimsical tone of the movie. Those tricky Coen Brothers did it again.

He’ll Totally Write A Theme Song For Your Late-Night Talk Show

It might not technically be for you, but it’s not like it might not be awesome. What he lacks in accuracy, he more than makes up for in charm.

He’ll Crash A Taylor Swift Concert

Actually, strike this one. This could easily be said about anyone.

He Won’t Sit Idly By As You Pan to Him In The Audience

Homies, non-sexual life partners, emergency contacts Timberlake and Fallon decided to check out Roger Federer’s match with Richard Gasquet at the 2015 U.S. Open. The match got a little slow, so the director obviously decided to scan the stands for some filler, which is where he found Timberlake and Fallon. If history has taught us anything, you can’t put a camera on these dudes without inciting some kind of reaction.

So now we sit and wonder, what will Justin Timberlake do next?

Or actually…what won’t he do next?