Justin Vernon Has New Music With Marijuana Deathsquads Coming

Getty Image

Although he tends to keep himself out of the public eye, Bon Iver’s Justin Vernon stays pretty busy despite having only released three albums since 2007 (or perhaps his packed schedule is the reason his discography is relatively sparse). He curates the Eaux Claires festival lineup (which was pretty stacked this year), he narrated a UFO documentary trailer, and now he’s working on some new music, as he revealed in a pair of Instagram posts that show him and others in the studio.

Just don’t expect these efforts to result in a new Bon Iver album. When tweeting about one of the clips yesterday, he wrote, “Everyone come out to this Thursday … bunch of us playing under [Poliça’s Ryan Olson] direction … gonna melt,” referring to an upcoming event in Minneapolis called Sound for Silents: Film & Music On The Walker Hillside.”

The event is put on by Olson and his experimental group Marijuana Deathsquads, and will feature Vernon and members of Poliça, Hippo Campus, and The Pines performing “intriguing and new live cinematic scores set to 1920s experimental short films by iconic Dada artists Hans Richter, Viking Eggeling, and Rene Clair.”

Late last night, he erased all doubt about the nature of the videos and added, “This is def not bon music.” This morning, he also responded to a tweet that called the clips “recording session video,” writing, “Why do you think it’s a recording session? Why would you publish it if you didn’t know. Not a big deal, In this world. But sh*t.”

Watch Vernon’s Instagram clips above, and check out a teaser video for the event below.