Kacey Musgraves Is Positively Smitten In Her Sparkly ‘Butterflies’ Video

A few days ago, Kacey Musgraves released the video for her Golden Hour single “Space Cowboy,” and it was an overtly sad clip, in which Musgraves absentmindedly did household chores while ruminating about an old relationship that didn’t go so well. In the video, there’s a distinctive shot of Musgraves sitting in front of a large window with only her silhouette visible. Now she’s shared a clip for “Butterflies,” and interestingly, it features that same shot.

That probably means there’s a relationship between the two videos, but it’s definitely an inverse one. Whereas there wasn’t a spark of happiness to be found in “Space Cowboy,” “Butterflies,” is all about it and the warm feelings associated with being really into somebody. Musgraves finds herself exploring a city at night, wearing a variety of sparkly outfits, and spending some time getting cozy with a shirtless gentleman.

So we know that the “Space Cowboy” and “Butterflies” videos are part of the same story, but what’s the relationship? Are the positive vibes of “Butterflies” a prequel to the “Space Cowboy” heartbreak? Or perhaps a sequel? Maybe it’s an alternate timeline? Or non-canonical? Is it possible that this is just a nice music video and there are no profound answers here? Maybe!

Watch the video for “Butterflies” above.

Golden Hour is out now via MCA Nashville. Get it here.