Kacey Musgraves’ Smoky ‘SNL’ Performance Of ‘Slow Burn’ Is A Country Ballad Masterclass

Editorial Director, Music

When one of your favorite artists puts out a new record, it’s inevitable that you’ll have a personal favorite track off that new album. So when Kacey Musgraves recently released her damn near masterpiece of an album Golden Hour earlier this year, it was clear that I’d be picking a standout as soon as possible. And truthfully, that standout hit me right away — there is no song that resonated with me more than the Neil Young-infused chord progression of the album opener, “Slow Burn.”

After kicking off her Saturday Night Live appearance with the adventurous and funky “High Horse,” Kacey moved straight back into country ballad mode, delivering a smoky and rendition of “Slow Burn” that almost tops the recorded version. Backed once again by an extensive strings section, this was the song where it really felt like Kacey relaxed into the moment and was able to just let the music carry her.

The song is a story of falling into love slowly, being ok with a snail’s pace progression, building things one brick at a time. Considering she is a newlywed herself, it sounds like she knows exactly the way to do it. The performance is just another example of how much Kacey shines as a live performer, and you can watch it above.

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