Hear Kali Uchis’ Resilient New Track ‘After The Storm’ With Bootsy Collins And Tyler, The Creator

Kali Uchis is on fire. The multi-talented artist has been consistently raising anticipation for her upcoming, as-of-yet unnamed debut album. She was already placed on two albums last year, appearing on Bootsy Collins’ heralded World Wide Funk album and Tyler The Creator’s Grammy-nominated Flower Boy offering. Now Uchis is about to chase her own accolades via her debut album – and it looks like she’s decided to get those favors returned in grand fashion, getting both Bootsy and frequent collaborator Tyler on her new “After The Storm” track.

The track is a breezy fusion of funk, soul, and pop, which speaks to Uchis’ eclectic sound that will likely be on full display on her upcoming project. She sings earnestly over the throwback drums – that Bootsy no doubt had a hand in – inspirationally crooning, “everybody’s hurting, everybody’s going through it, but you just can’t give up now.” Those are strong words, but she can speak them with 100% confidence, as she’s one of the best examples of the possibilities of resilience.

The 23-year-old Uchis will further build upon her growing fanbase while on tour with Lana Del Ray, joining the LA to the Moon tour for about a month during select North American dates.