Kamaiyah Gets Revenge On An Unfaithful Ex On ‘Set It Up’ Featuring Trina

Bay Area rapper Kamaiyah, who just announced the release date of her next album Got It Made yesterday, isn’t letting the momentum from her announcement slip away. Today, she teams up with Miami rap icon Trina to release “Set It Up,” the first single from Got It Made. Check it out above.

“Set It Up” is similar to many of Kamaiyah’s upbeat, post-hyphy singles except in one respect; where her previous singles like “Windows,” “Still I Am,” and “Successful” were joyous, celebratory bops, “Set It Up” has a mean streak a mile wide. The song finds her taking revenge on a cheating ex, threatening to “run up all his cards, run up all his credit / I’ma spend a rack for every b*tch that he been textin’.” After that, she promises to twist the knife: “I’ma slash his tires and I’ma bust out all his windows.”

Trina, the godmother of the modern era of expensive ratchet rap espoused by practitioners like Megan Thee Stallion, Cardi B, and City Girls, also gets off some grimy maneuvers at the expense of the unfaithful paramour archetype, menacing him with threats of the bodily fluid variety and reasserting her queen status. It looks like she’s rubbed off on Kamaiyah a bit, which can’t hurt; while Yaya’s sunny bops are always a good time, a little edge could be just the thing that puts her over as a genuine hit maker.

Listen to Kamaiyah and Trina’s “Set It Up” above.