Kamaiyah Cruises The Bay Area In A Bentley In Her Bouncy ‘Still I Am’ Video

Friday, Kamaiyah released her latest song “Still I Am” and its accompanying video. Directed by Damien Sandavo, the video finds Kamaiyah back in her hood, providing a look at a day in her life. The song is the first single from her upcoming 2020 album, which she teased on Twitter.

The video starts with an establishing shot of a convenience store where patrons stand outside drinking 40s, smoking, and joking among themselves. Driving down the street in a two-door Bentley, Kamaiyah links up with the homies on another side of town, where they can be seen posted up on the roof of an apartment complex. One of the homies carries pounds of marijuana with him, while others flash money to the camera. Later, Kamaiyah pulls up to a function in a parking lot with kids dancing and people huddled around their cars as some of the cars drag race.

Recently, Kamaiyah released her “Back To Basics” video as well. While the Bay Area rapper still hasn’t received a release date for her major-label debut, she’s been busy working on projects, promising that she has not just one, but three complete projects ready for release in 2020.

Watch the “Still I Am” video in the clip above.