Kanye’s Experimental Dome Houses Have Been Torn Down

Kanye’s prototype dome homes have been torn down, according to TMZ. Aerial photographs of Kanye’s Calabasas property reveal the structures have been removed per the city’s instructions last month, when they were found to be in violation with local zoning ordinances.

Kanye supposedly built the domes as a research project, looking into how they might raze class barriers and revolutionize housing for the next generation. Unfortunately, his neighbors weren’t quite so visionary. They called the city, annoyed over the construction taking place, prompting the LA County Department Of Public Works to send an inspector, who cited the structures for improper zoning. Since they’d been built on concrete foundations, they were interpreted as permanent buildings, for which Mr. West needed to submit permit applications.

Leaving aside how creepy it is that folks can just fly drones over someone’s backyard and take photos just because that person is good at making beats, the photos reveal that three of the four domes have been completely disassembled, with the last one reportedly set for destruction well ahead of the September 15 deadline the Department Of Public Works imposed. Kanye was asked to either file proper paperwork or destroy the domes, which were said to be temporary anyway. It looks like it was just easier to remove them.