Kanye’s Frozen Hennessy And Coke Slushy Is Either Genius Or Gross

Kanye West’s love for Hennessy is very much documented in his music, with the eclectic artist once rapping, “Roll up the doja, Henny and Coca-Cola then I’m co-coming over cause it’s never over” on “Addiction.” But it’s not just his music. Kanye is Henny Gang for real, for real, which isn’t surprsing since he’s the same guy who showed up to the 2009 VMAs with a bottle of brown juice in hand and “made Taylor Swift famous.”

Not much has changed since then as Kanye is still a fan of the unofficial cognac of rap. So much so that he not only makes sure his dressing area is stocked with Henny bottles, but also Henny slushy! Kim Kardashian shared a quick Snapchat detailing a part of Ye’s Pablo tour rider and it includes a dual slushy machine for “Frozen Hennessy and Coke,” and the much more delicious-sounding “Frozen Grey Goose Lemonade.” Kim captioned the image “Pablo Rider Is LIT” before posting a clip of Kanye with a plastic cup of that brown slushy stuff.

Last year, it was reported Kanye’s tour rider includes 13 bottles of liquor totaling roughly $3,200, including three bottles of the fancy-shmancy and oh-so-incredibly-pricey Hennessy Paradis. That stuff goes for over whopping $1,000 a bottle.