Kanye Hired Kenny G To Serenade Kim Kardashian In Their Rose-Filled Living Room For Valentine’s Day

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Kanye West traded in his red hat for red roses on Valentine’s Day and the result is a display that would make anyone with any romance in their heart whatsoever say, “Aww.” Kim Kardashian West shared a video of the present he got for her to Twitter and it turns out that while Kanye may be a genius producer, he’s even better at being a big romantic. Kanye hired smooth jazz legend Kenny G to help him out, filling an entire room in their home with red, pink, and white long-stemmed roses while Kenny G played love songs on his trusty soprano sax.

Of course, nothing that extravagant ever gets by the Twitter jokes brigade, so it didn’t take long for observers to start asking the questions that really need answers, like: “What does Kenny G do after this? Does he just pack up and leave like he’s some local musician for hire or does he hang out with Kim and Kanye?” and “ok but if kenny g performs for the lovers, who will be left to perform for kenny g?” Some pointed out that Kanye just raised the bar unattainably high for men in the future while others conjured up whimsical theories about just how Kanye managed to pull it off.

One thing is for sure: Kanye is pretty good at Valentine’s Day. Maybe he could switch businesses and become a full-time romantic consultant like in Hitch. It couldn’t go any worse than his political commentary career. Check out more of the best responses to his big V-day surprise below.