Kanye Brings His Choir-Backed Sunday Service To Bless Adidas Headquarters On A Weekday

Getty Image

Kanye West‘s Sunday Service campaign has been a fun, wild, weekly ride and something of a return to creative form for the harried producer, giving him the creative outlet hip-hop beat-making and rapping seemed to lack for him in recent months. By recasting R&B standards as sweeping gospel renditions, he’s seemingly revitalized both his creative energy and his battered public perception. It looks like he’s decided to share a little of that creative inspiration with one of his biggest corporate partners, bringing Sunday Service to Adidas Portland, OR-based North American headquarters to perform some of his biggest hits.

As usual, his wife Kim Kardashian caught the footage on her Instagram story and trusty fan account Team Kanye Daily captured the video to share with the rest of the world. There’s a soulful rendition of “Bound 2” from Yeezus featuring Charlie Wilson himself, a performance of The College Dropout single “Jesus Walks” with a line changed to shout-out his hosts (“Next time I’m at adidas everybody screaming out..”), and an appearance from gospel luminary Fred Hammond. Not everybody can appreciate going to church on a weekday, but it looks like Team Adidas most definitely had fun. Kanye previously hinted at a gospel album during the creation of his 2016 album The Life Of Pablo and watching these videos, it’s clear why: It seems like he just has more fun directing a choir than anything else these days. At this point, maybe he should finally follow through on that promise and give us a completed version of that album, which might finally bridge the gap between his spiritual beliefs and his musical message. Check out more videos below.